What We Do

米勒公司是一家在进口领域服务于不同客户的全国十大赌博官网, export, and foreign-trade zone law. The firm has a broad client base in fifty states, Puerto Rico, and in major trading centers throughout the world. 客户范围从大型跨国企业到大公司, partnerships, associations, governmental entities, and individuals. Most business clients involved in international trade rely on us for a comprehensive range of innovative trade-related representation. Within these specialized areas of practice, 十大赌博登录官网因为参与了美国的发展而得到了全球的认可.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Program.

律所的专业人员迅速提供实用、有效和高质量的全国十大赌博官网. While many activities are on an issue-specific basis, special emphasis is placed on careful strategic business and legal planning prior to the establishment of new or reorganized activities. 该公司不具备全面执业或全方位服务的心态, allowing each attorney, compliance director and legal assistant to develop specialized expertise consistent with the firm’s practice.

该公司在组织进出口业务方面有丰富的经验, governmental compliance and audits, establishment of U.S. and foreign operations, organization, 制定必要的进出口合规策略, company licensing and representation relationships, and assisting clients with transnational commercial matters; and all aspects of the establishment, management, and reorganization of U.S. foreign-trade zones and subzones.

从它在堪萨斯城成立到后来在华盛顿特区成立.C. 和纽约办事处,服务范围在国际舞台上稳步增长. In import, export, foreign-trade zones, and international trade matters, the firm has practiced extensively before local, port, area, regional, and Washington, D.C. 美国和波多黎各的政府办公室. We have substantial experience in dealing with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (hereinafter referred to as “Customs”); U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board; U.S. 商务部-国际贸易管理, Office of Textiles Apparel, Bureau of Industry and Security, Bureau of the Census; U.S. International Trade Commission; Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; Food Drug Administration; U.S. Department of Agriculture; Federal Trade Commission; Internal Revenue Service; Environmental Protection Agency; Department of Energy; Drug Enforcement Administration; U.S. Treasury Department-Office of Foreign Assets Control; Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Department of Defense; and the U.S. Department of State. 十大赌博登录官网定期代表十大赌博登录官网的客户与美国政府进行联络活动.S. Senate, U.S. 众议院、行政部门、白宫和外国政府.

In the import, export and foreign-trade zone law areas, 本所协助客户处理以下事项:

  • 进出口商品分类及估价;
  • 原产国标记及商品标签规定;
  • Customs dutiability of royalties, license fees, buying and selling commissions, assists, and proceeds of subsequent resale on imports/export;
  • 退税、转售收入和寄售货物对进出口的影响;
  • 建立和管理和解原型程序;
  • 获得有约束力的海关总部和商务部裁决;
  • HTSUS/ECCN Classifications;
  • 与国际贸易有关的罚款、处罚、扣押和没收;
  • 减轻海关处罚和违约金评估;
  • 代表接受海关重点评估/审计/人口普查审计的公司;
  • Compiling and analyzing Customs import and Census export activity data with extensive proprietary software;
  • 准备进出口合规程序/操作手册;
  • Export Voluntary Self Disclosures/Import Prior Disclosures; Census reporting for imports and exports;
  • Evaluation of automated export software vendors for Restricted Party Screening (RPS) and export license determination;
  • AES/EIN Automated Export System compliance;
  • 申请商务部和国务院出口许可证(EAR/ITAR/OFAC);
  • Export licensing and enforcement compliance;
  • Encryption Process;
  • Deemed Export Assistance and Processes;
  • Preparing Foreign-Trade Zone Applications, FTZ Inventory System Designs, Operations Manuals, securing Activation of foreign-trade zones, subzones, and supporting ongoing operations, and schedules;
  • 建立和经营保税仓库、免税店;
  • Establishing and maintaining a drawback program;
  • 美国货物退货交易(税目9801及9802);
  • Temporary Importation Bond (TIB) compliance;
  • Use of the Prototype Provision;
  • 反倾销/反补贴税和不公平贸易行为问题;
  • 专利、商标和商号的海关保护;
  • 限额、自愿限制和有序的市场安排;
  • Structuring participation/re-evaluations in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT);
  • Technology Control Plans;
  • Jurisdiction Determinations;
  • Commodity Jurisdictions;
  • Embargo Country Guidance;
  • International Antiboycott compliance;
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act questions;
  • 根据1974年贸易法第201和301条的不公平贸易行为, as amended; Unfair trade actions under Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended;
  • 《全国十大赌博官网》(NAFTA)下的资格和合规问题, Singapore, Chile, Australia, Peru, CAFTA, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, Oman, and pending Colombia, Korea, and Panama;
  • 加勒比盆地倡议和美国-以色列自由贸易区活动;
  • 普遍优惠制度的请愿书和诉讼程序;
  • 直接投资、合资企业、许可和销售协议;
  • Letters of credit and international guarantees;
  • Bond compliance and violations;
  • Impact of United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines;
  • Proceedings before the World Customs Organization;
  • 世贸组织/世界海关组织协定的执行情况及实际影响;

十大赌博登录官网的业务范围包括不断变化的进口产品, export, and foreign-trade zone trade issues. 这包括协助客户鉴定产品以获得优惠待遇, developing strategies for structuring transactions in order to maximize Customs duty savings opportunities, 参与规章制度的制定和实施. 海关现代化法案极大地改变了海关环境, resulting in increased responsibilities to importers, 新的记录保存要求和新的罚则规定. We advise our clients on all changes applicable to their trade activities and assist in developing and maintaining effective Customs compliance efforts. We provide a comprehensive, non-traditional export compliance program that provides the necessary guidance on the requirements of enhanced export programs. 海关也将重点放在关税分类上, valuation of imported merchandise, and country of origin marking. Clients are guided on how to maximize available duty drawback opportunities while ensuring compliance with all requirements. 该公司在帮助客户减轻负担方面非常积极, mitigate unexpected additional expenses, 并为未来的交易制定积极的策略. With regard to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and an increasing array of other Free Trade Agreements, 十大赌博登录官网提供的服务包括评估可能节省的税款和标记要求, analyzing which products qualify for FTA benefits, assisting clients in complying with all applicable U.S., Mexican, Canadian, and other national governmental requirements, 在海关资料要求和审计期间的代表.

Regulatory changes to the collection of export information have a significant impact on the trade community. 全面强制申报出口数据, through the Automated Export System has added specific timeframes for filing export data and severe penalties for failing to comply with the new requirements. The firm provides quality training in understanding the complexities of the Foreign Trade Regulations, 出口管理条例和《全国十大赌博官网》. 此外,十大赌博登录官网还有分析人口普查数据和识别潜在合规问题的项目. 十大赌博登录官网可以代表客户准备并提交自愿的自我披露.

米勒公司在美国各方面都有无与伦比的经验.S. Foreign-Trade Zone Program. Its Principal was a Founder and has served as General Counsel to the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones since its inception in 1972. The firm previously managed the Association. We have been instrumental in formulating U.S. policies and procedures affecting foreign-trade zones. 该公司为汽车构建了区域生产环境, oil refining, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries among others. 作为国家对外贸易区协会的总顾问, the firm supervised seven investigations and reports on the zones program by the General Accounting Office and the U.S. International Trade Commission and presentation of testimony at two Congressional hearings examining the zones program. Significant changes to the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement were negotiated by the firm. 作为总法律顾问,律所一直积极参与更新工作, re-writing, and finalization of the Foreign-Trade Zones Board and U.S. 海关和边境保护对外贸易区条例. Miller Company has represented and/or helped structure more than 800 general-purpose foreign-trade zones and special-purpose manufacturing subzones projects.

In 1998, the firm’s Principal was a recipient of Vice-President Al Gore’s Hammer Award for his outstanding contributions to improving the Customs trade compliance process. The firm has represented numerous Japanese companies that have established major manufacturing and business enterprises in the U.S. In 2004, the firm’s Principal was one of only two persons worldwide to be presented “The Order of the Sacred Treasure” decoration by His Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan for his significant contributions toward deepening friendship and understanding between the people of Japan and the U.S.

The firm provides our clients with information concerning international trade issues through several unique outlets that set us apart from other firms in our field.

  • BRIEFINGS: 十大赌博登录官网的每月通讯为客户介绍当前主要的国际贸易发展.Rather than bombard you with a “daily” inundation of information this publication provides real insight and a link to the original documents.
  • SEMINARS: We provide free 101 level seminars on topics of special interest exclusively for our clients and also offer several 201 (advanced) level seminars at a minimal cost. 十大赌博登录官网的十大赌博登录官网在堪萨斯城的总部举行, Missouri and on-site at client facilities if requested.
  • WEBINARS: We produce a series of one-hour webinars on a variety of "hot topic" issues to help our clients stay up-to-date on current foreign-trade zone and import/export issues.
  • DOCUMENT LIBRARY: All of our previously held webinars are available for purchase through our e-Store along with various subject documents. You can find a brief summary description of all of our webinars and documents on-line in our Document Library. The firm maintains all of its historic legal memoranda and basic import/export and FTZ compliance procedures in order to provide quick responses to our client’s requirements.
  • COMPLIANCE DIRECTORS/LEGAL ASSISTANTS该公司雇佣的合规主管和法律助理比律师多. 许多人在他们的专业知识领域有超过20年的经验. While attorneys manage all projects, the firm reduces its billings to clients by significant use of compliance directors and legal assistants.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT RECORD ANALYSES该公司已开发出一种专有软件,可以为客户提供美国经济的详细分析.S. government records. 十大赌博登录官网的进口记录远远超过可用的ACE记录,并包含收货人记录, not elsewhere available.